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Michelle Sanders, BSN, RN, CCHC

Baylor University


Nurse June


Nurse Debbie

Debbie Bradley, MS, BSN, RN, CCHC, NCSN, CPNP

Baylor University 

The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 


                                                                         CEO-OWNER * ESTABLISHED  Tender Care Consulting in 2003 

Setting Up


Tender Care Consulting Team  

"I have loved working with you!"  Nurse Amy Goenner Dowling,

Former employee, moved out of state

- Celebrating 16 years of service to Schools!

Nurse Michelle

We support and/or volunteer with: 

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

The National Association of School Nurses
American Academy of Pediatrics 
Healthy Children
Healthy Child Care Colorado 
VisionTrust International
Life Safety Teams

Our church communities 

Tender Care Consulting, LLC

June Tipple, BSN, RN 

University of Northern Colorado 


 ​​​We are hiring part-time pediatric nurses 

and  IT -Technology support​

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Friendly, professional, nursing staff who care for kids! 

"Services are superb!  TCC is organized, helpful, has timely handouts and are great with our staff and families." 

S. Roberts,  Preschool Director 

​ "The relationship we have is so helpful" L. Brokken, Preschool Director

I have no doubt that everything is being taken care of.  I have that trust.  They are trained and thorough...so worth it...wonderful!" D. Bell, Preschool Director