School Nurse &

Childcare Health Consultant (CCHC) Services 

Promoting health, safety, and legal compliance in educational settings:  bridging medicine and education

On-site visits 

Meets licensing requirements to have a CCHC for childcare  

On-call coverage while operating

Staff Delegation to administer medications 

Medication and Medical Needs Management 

Classes (Medication Administration, Standard Precautions, Stop the Bleed, Safe Sleep, etc) 

Health Care Plan Development  

SPED  Iep/504 

Infectious Disease Management 

Resource and Referral

Immunization Records

Policies and Procedures 

Hearing and Vision Screening (K -12)

Chronic Disease Care 

"A Healthy Serving for Kids in Schools!" 




Tender Care Consulting, LLC 



We manage health and safety concerns

so you can keep kids learning, growing, and in your care!  

Do you have students with medication needs and chronic conditions?

Do you want to pass all of your state inspections with ease?

Do you want to have on-line payment for services?

Do you value a consistent nurse visit schedule?

Do you value your student's health, growth and learning?

Do you need a nurse?

        We have the services you need!   

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