Masking is not required on school transportation 

Where do I get the Vaccine? Text your zip code to 438829  

ISOLATION info   (when you have a positive test or have illness symptoms) 

Get 4 free Covid-19 home test kits delivered to your home 

​​School ​​Nurse Consultant


Health and Safety for the school community 

On-site coverage 


Staff Delegation

Health Care Plans 

Medical Needs Management 

Policies and Procedures 

Special Education:  IEP / 504

Hearing and Vision Screening and more   

 QUARANTINE info  (when you have been exposed to someone with Covid) 

Call 211 or go to www.211colorado.org 

for help with food, shelter, medical care or resources 

844-CO-4 KIDS  child concern & abuse reporting  



         General Info

         Isolation vs. Quarantine Info and what to do if ill

CDC: what's new ​


LICENSING * DHS Office of Early Childhood

          FAQ for Emergency Care


          FAQ for Operations  


         Covid Resources 


    Vaccine FAQ 

    Anyone 5 years and older should consider a COVID-19 vaccine.
    Anyone 12 years and older consider a third dose if it has been five months since their second dose of Pfizer.
    Anyone 18 years and older should get a third dose if it has been five months since their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna.
    Coloradans who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should receive a dose of Pfizer or Moderna two months after they first got vaccinated. If they can’t or would prefer not to receive Pfizer or Moderna, they should receive another dose of Johnson & Johnson.

    ​​​ You are a great support to us and a huge part of helping our students have a safe and positive learning environment.  Hannah, MS Social Studies Teacher 



    Get Free KN95 masks (5 per person per month)

    • Transitioning to a routine disease control model for COVID-19 in early childhood and K-12 settings
    • follow How Sick Is too Sick


    “Vaccines are our best defense against COVID-19 and many other diseases.

    Schools are encouraged to educate their communities about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines” CDPHE 

    Supporting the well-being of educators and students link 


    Click for: Covid-19 TESTING IS FREE IN COLORADO -check with testing center for details before going 
    Other sites may be available  Some schools have partnered with COVID CHECK Colorado. 





     ​We answer your covid questions and help with positive cases

    Tender Care Consulting, LLC 

    Covid-19  VACCINE for Coloradans

    VACCINE INFO:  call 877-CO VAX CO (1-877-268-2926)




    CDPHE - CHSAA FAQ for sports 

    Childcare Health Consultant (CCHC) Services 

    Licensing Requirement

    On-site coverage 

    On-call coverage while operating

    Staff Delegation 

    Classes  (MAT, SP, Safe Sleep)

    Health Care Plans  and more 

    Covid Coordination

    Opening guidance 

    Health and Safety Coordination


    You are so on top of things!  Sarah, Tri-County Health Department 

    I appreciate how you have guided us through all that is covid! Janet, School Principal

    You are amazing and a beacon of hope, realness, and safety. Your support and knowledge during this time are priceless.  Amber, preschool

    We value you so much, your info is validated and checked! Nancy, preschool

    You have been our lifeline during this situation!  Ally, preschool

    You have no idea how much I appreciate all of your communication during these times, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all that you are doing! Colleen, athletic club 

     “You are way more connected to appropriate agencies, and have background information, we trust you!  Felicity, preschool

    I really appreciate all your support over the last several months and all the resources you've provided during this crazy time.    Melody, child care

    Best Investment! Mary, preschool                                                     "So glad you are the district nurse! Scott, school district

    ​ And you are doing a superhuman job & knocking it out of the park. Our community is eternally grateful." Lillian, school

    Lastly, I do not know what I would have done without the streamlined work and guidance of Debbie Bradley and Kim DuPlessis and I want to publicly thank them for all they have done.   Suzanne, school

    As always, thank you, Debbie, for staying on top of this pandemic and the impact of it and TCHD for us as school leaders. Gary, Head of School

    I feel like I'm getting a masters degree in pandemic awareness and management within a community, clearly you are getting your doctorate. Bill, School

    You are so great, thank you so much Kelly, parent 

    How do I clean for coronavirus? Cleaning Guidelines fromCDC andCDPHE 


    Individual program may choose to mask and to enforce 

    the recommendations of early childhood. 

    Anyone finishing isolation at school (day 6 thru 10) should

    be masked if over 2 years. 

    Continue to keep ILLNESS LOGS 

    Office of Early Childhood:  COMMON FORMS link ​​




    Graduation -  no guidance will be shared

    DCBOH LINK (Douglas County)​